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DIVA Dress - Black

Size: XS
Style Details

Inspired by you and for you— A statement night dress that will unquestionably eclipse all others.

Exhibiting a sophisticated two-way halter neck with button closures, the DIVA Dress, made from the same luxurious fabric as our famous PAIGE Dress, exudes elegance effortlessly. Designed to accentuate your figure, its drape mirrors your movements with grace. In search of a dress that exudes glamour, chicness, and flatteringly enhances your silhouette? Look no further, the DIVA Dress is the perfect choice for you.

Fabric: 50% Silk, 50% Viscose

Model wears a size S.

Fabric & Care

A Silk-blend viscose fabric for a drape-y and while maintaining a lightweight and durable nature. 

Fabric Content: 50% Silk, 50% Viscose

How to Care: Machine wash cold. Cool iron.

Popular Styles Made of Silk Viscose: Our most loved PAIGE Dress is both classy and low maintenance, suitable for life-time wearing.

Recommended Body Shape

Having a hourglass body shape means you have almost the same hip and bust measurements and a narrow and well-defined waist. 

How to Dress:  The rule of thumb is to dress naturally along your silhouette, with proportionate top and bottom pieces. Skintight bodysuits and bodycon dresses can highlight your waist for a balanced frame. 

Suggested Bodysuits: Simple and clean designs can shift the focus to your whole body, avoid oversized or straight cuttings which will make your top/bottom look heavier than it is. LOLA Body will do the magic.

Other Recommendations: LEO Body, QUIN Body, ELLA Body, CANDI Body and REESE Body.

To learn more about how to dress for your body shape, click here.

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