Founded in 2018 in Los Angeles, Annibody is a fashion and lifestyle brand that design timeless pieces with original pattern, natural textile and meticulous craftsmanship. Our aim is to create what makes women feel free, confident and beautiful. 

Our capsule collection is a line of elevated basics - bodysuits which highlight woman curves in different shapes and embrace ultimate comfort by using the softest and finest fabrication such as modal jersey and silk in the industry. All of our styles are essential for layering outfits, wearable all year long, and effortlessly stylish in any occasion, such as work, casual, night-outs, and even sport activities. They are functional day and night, and so comfortable you can even wear them to bed.

In order to get the most of Annibody’s bodysuits, we encourage you to go braless or choose a wireless everyday bra to pair with. For backless styles, pasties are both practical and wonderful. All online purchases come with a pair of sheer pasties for a little bit of coverage. We are all unique in our own way. We believe you will find your most comfortable way to enjoy our bodysuits. 

We are committed to make not only high-quality garments, but also to be a sustainable fashion brand. All of our bodysuits are manufactured in small batch production and source only from eco-friendly vendors to reduce waste to our environment and use bio-degradable packaging for all shipments.