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With online shopping getting more common than ever, picking the right size among brands require certain techniques and experience. Instead of getting used to the “buy-and-try” model which will double/triple your carbon footprint due to packaging and logistics, we can get smarter in choosing sizes to avoid the extra work and cost associated with returns and exchanges.

Alert: You can be wearing a size S for one brand, and size M for another, and you don’t know why. Different brands may adopt different scale when it comes to sizing; before you click the ”check out“ button, be careful with the following:

1. Check measurements instead of size is always better in terms of getting your size right
2. Check if the brand is tailored to western or eastern body types
3. Check out the reviews if available to see which size other people with similar body as you is getting for cross reference
4. Look into the fabric content or product description to find out if the product is stretchy or not, that makes a big difference when it comes to fitting

How do I measure myself?

A well-fitted bodysuit should hug your body comfortably without being too loose or right from top to bottom. Here are some steps and tips for you to consider when you are choosing your first bodysuit with us.

In order to find out your size, we will need to measure your body length, bust, waist and hip.

All you need is a measuring tape and 5 minutes of your time. Undress and measure the fullest parts. If you prefer extra room at breast, you can choose to put on your bras when you are measuring your bust, so there is a gap in between. Note that we need your natural waist, so don‘t hold the tape too tight. You should always stand straight and keep your feet wide as your shoulder for more precise results.

Once you get your measurements, look into our size chart to find out which size you should get at Annibody. Or, send a message to our team so that we can pick for you.

Make good use of the international size conversion chart

Better safe than sorry— it is recommended that you double check your size with the international size chart in case of any measuring error. If you find a huge discrepancy, you should measure yourself again or talk to us.

 International Size Conversion Chart






0 – 2

4 – 6

32 – 34


2 – 4

6 – 8

34 – 36


4 – 6

8 – 10

36 – 38


6 – 8

10 – 12

38 – 40


Above is our international size conversion chart, if you find yourself always an US size 6, but you find your self a size L at Annibody, then you might have got the wrong measurements. Sizing also varies in Asia, Europe and the US, so the best way is again, to measure yourself first before jumping into any conclusions.

Have you checked out our size chart yet? A friendly reminder: If find yourself between sizes, you can size up or down based on your preference on fit. Still, always talk to us because different fabric has different elasticity, it could yield different outcome when fitted. We are easily reached via Instagram direct message, Whatsapp and e-mail. If anything happens, you will always be protected by our 14-day free return policy.

Instagram: @annibody_official

Whatsapp: +852 55327525


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