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If you enjoy doing yoga in your leisure time, or you are just simply a big fan of the activewear hype with a wardrobe full of yoga pants and leggings, you might have noticed a slowly rising trend of wearing bodysuits to the mat— take a look of your favourite brand and search “bodysuit”, you will be surprised by the results. 

Apparently, the one-piece design of bodysuits is a lightweight option to pack in your yogi bag when you are in a rush. They also provide the coverage you need when you want to stay focused in your practise if you are conscious about wearing bra tops alone in a group class. Some just choose to wear bodysuit for its style, what is the harm of making a statement with a chic bodysuit when you are already bored with color leggings and cross back bras?


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 Leo Bodysuit in Wine  (featured by @w.chsw)

Embracing your curves and the beauty of strength— we learn and appreciate once you engage in yoga. How do you pick the bodysuit for yoga? Think soft, stretchy and comfortable materials. A fit and cut that hug your body without too much pressure to distract you from your practise, especially when your attention should be put into your posture and breathing instead of what you wear, a restrictive bra top does the opposite to your body, if you agree.

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 Leo Bodysuit in Rose  (featured by @siiiiena)

Other than fabric and fit, you should also choose a bodysuit with strong snap fastenings at bottom that can pass the stress test— you do not want to spend a second worrying about wardrobe malfunctions and something popping out down there! 

 Reese Bodysuit in Black   (featured by

All of our bodysuits at Annibody come with double snap closures. They are strong and resilient, you can feel free to do yoga or engage in other high impact activities.

Be mindful. Live in the moment. Put aside your worries; whatever bothers you at work or school, leave it for now. We want you to do yoga in the clothing you love and trust. Check out our Essential Collection for some of the most loved bodysuits to expand your yoga wear collection!

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