Founded in 2018 in Los Angeles and currently based in Hong Kong, Annibody creates high quality bodysuits to celebrate freedom and beauty of women bodies with a minimalist aesthetic.

Named after the word “any body”, Annibody is made for women in different shapes and sizes. Here we care about your body and your well-being. By sourcing only fabrics up to the softest and finest standard, each style is made to hug and fit your body comfortably.

The essential collection features functional bodysuits perfect for everyday styling and layering outfits, thoughtfully designed to help you save time getting dressed. They are easy to mix-and-match, for fun, for work, and for bed.

Feeling Free is a Choice

Restrictive and uncomfortable clothing stress you out and gradually lower your quality of life. When you wear what makes your body feels free and good, that uplifts your mood. By making a conscious decision about what to wear, we can improve our mind and body wellness.

We believe freedom and confidence in a loved body and happy soul.

In order to get the most out of our bodysuits, we encourage you to go braless and ditch the restrictive bras to enjoy comfort and freedom. For coverage, you can wear our reusable nipple covers, LILY, or pair with your wireless bras which impose less stress on the body.

Each online purchase of bodysuit comes with a free pair of HANA nipple stickers for you to give it a try before you say no. We are all unique in our own way. We hope you will find your most comfortable way to enjoy our bodysuits.

Our Bodylover Community 

Annibody is not only a style destination for modern women, but also a community for women who embrace a self-loving and sustainable lifestyle to support each other and grow together.

The Bodylover Community is strong and empowered.

For women who are struggling with body images to find companies and realize their full potential.

For women who have accomplished in their self-love journey to share their stories and inspire.

For women who are insecure about their body, we battle body negativity with you and help you appreciate the beauty of your own body. 

We talk about how to love your body more, step by step. We connect people who share similar values to uplift each other. We share stories of strong women who touched lives and made a difference. We offer hands-on advice on styling and personal growth so that you can become a better version of yourself. We bring attention to topics that matters to broaden your horizon. We support body positivity movements at every step of the journey.

We want you to fall in love with your body and yourself.

Ethical & Sustainable Practices 

We are committed to make not only high quality garments, but also to be a sustainable fashion brand. All of our bodysuits are manufactured in small batch production and sourced only from our boutique factory with strong ethics and fair treatments to its workers. We also prioritize usage of sustainably-grown or recycled materials using low-impact processes to produce, such as modal, organic cotton and peace silk. We upcycled fabrics from our production to create new styles to reduce waste to the environment. We adopt an eco packaging model for all of our shipments with usage of bio-degradable materials. Our designs are timeless and made to last. We will continue to take initiatives to improve our entire supply chain to minimize our carbon footprint and production of waste.