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From our everyday essentials to designer collection, , we are confident that you can find that one bodysuit that you cannot live without with Annibody. Choosing quality over quantity is one big step you take when you are building a more sustainable wardrobe. However, how you wash plays an important role in the maintaining the fit and lifespan of the bodysuit.

Treat Your Bodysuit Gently

Your bodysuit would love to be hand washed. Washing machine and high temperature could destruct the fabric‘s fiber structure, reducing the bodysuit‘s elasticity eventually. If you purchased your bodysuit at a perfect fit, dumping it into the washing machine may cause shrinking— at the end, the bodysuit may no longer fit your body perfectly. Let’s follow these simple steps to hand wash yours starting today!

1. Prepare cold water with soap or detergent
2. Soak your bodysuit for at least 1 hour
3. Gently rub it with your hands. If there are any stains, rub that section with a few more drops of detergent or stain corrector
4. Rinse it with running cold water until all detergent is cleaned.
5. Squeeze out extra water gently
6. Line dry your washed bodysuit to prevent altering its shape

Always be gentle when your bodysuit is soaked— handle it with care. If you are using a hanger, make sure the bodysuit is not damp. Dry your bodysuit naturally with sunlight.

Quick Fix: The Washing Machine

Okay, we know some of you do not prefer hand washing— can you do your laundry with a washing machine? Yes, you can! Just to pay attention to the following points to help your bodysuit last longer.

1. Opt for the cold water and tumble low mode
2. Put your bodysuit in laundry bag and close the snap closures beforehand
3. Wash your bodysuits with similar color clothings, never wash with denim or clothings that fade easily
4. Avoid dryer which will shrink and alter the shape of the bodysuit

Take One Step Further - Eco Wash

Do you know that around 80% of the carbon footprint of a single clothing comes from the way you take care of it? Be conscious of your laundry process is a good starting point to lead a sustainable lifestyle. Think about how to minimize your water usage, choose an eco-friendly and natural soap to replace your regular detergent. Simply add a spoon of baking powder can enhance the cleaning and deodorizing function of your laundry.

At Annibody, most of our bodysuits can be washed by hands or washing machine, except our silk Angel Body can only be dry cleaned or hand washed. If you have trouble reading your wash label, feel free to ask our help team for washing advices — we are always here for you!

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