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ROSÉ 連身衣 - 黑色

¥551.00 CNY
顏色: Black
尺寸: XS

新款 Annibody 連身衣就在這裡——穿上 ROSÉ,感受優雅和舒適!

ROSÉ 具有垂墜細節和褶皺側面,打造時尚廓形它不僅僅是一件連身衣,更是一種宣言。無論您穿著 ROSÉ 出席工作還是出席特殊場合,請放心,您將成為整個房間的主角。

專為修身休閒設計選擇您常用的 Annibody 尺寸。

布料:100% 絲質(彈性針織底,易解扣)

模特兒所穿尺寸為 S。


At Annibody, we choose this naturally hypoallergenic, breathable and luxurious fabric to create pieces that radiate timeless elegance with extra softness. Silk’s natural fibre works also as a perfect temperature regulator and odor resistor. Like Modal, silk is also biodegradable in nature!

Fabric Content: 100% Silk

How to Care: Dry Clean Only.

Popular Styles Made of Silk: ANGEL Body and ROSE Body are made of 100% Italian Silk, a precious bodysuit that you will not regret investing in!


An Inverted Triangle body is characterized by broad shoulders and less defined waist and hips. Such body is often received as more sporty with a much flatter bottom.

How To Dress: Racer-back and strapless designs will look good on you. By softening your wide shoulders, your upper body will look neater and you should also add volumes to your lower body.

Suggested Styles: Asymmetrical styles can break up the chest vertically and help elongate the silhouette of an inverted triangle body. The one-shoulder design of BELLA Body will look gorgeous on you.

Other Recommendations: ELLA Body, LOLA Body, LEO Body, LEXI Body, UNA Body and ANNA Body.

To learn more about how to dress for your body shape, click here.






    我們為我們的合身性和品質感到自豪- 在訂單交付後 14 天內,如果您對購買不滿意,您可以獲得全額退款 - 請告訴我們!


    已售出 200000+ 雙


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