Natural Linen

RENE 黑色上衣

¥361.00 CNY
顏色: Black
尺寸: XS

RENE 上衣展現夏日魅力。

RENE Top 正是您所需要的一款,其細肩帶可調節,您可以根據自己的喜好定制適合的款式。直領口增添了一絲簡約感,而摺痕設計則賦予其獨特時尚的外觀。無論您是在夜晚外出盛裝,還是在海灘度過一天的休閒裝,RENE 都足夠百搭,適合任何場合。

布料:30% 亞麻,40% 黏膠纖維,30% 聚酯纖維

模特兒所穿尺寸為 S。


Linen is the strongest and durable natural fabric that is breathable, highly absorbent, and has natural insect-repelling properties. It requires less water to produce than cotton and is comfortable for all seasons.

Fabric Content: Depends on styles, the linen content may vary and blended with different percentage of cotton.

How to Care: Machine wash cold. Medium heat iron.

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Having a hourglass body shape means you have almost the same hip and bust measurements and a narrow and well-defined waist. 

How to Dress:  The rule of thumb is to dress naturally along your silhouette, with proportionate top and bottom pieces. Skintight bodysuits and bodycon dresses can highlight your waist for a balanced frame. 

Suggested Bodysuits: Simple and clean designs can shift the focus to your whole body, avoid oversized or straight cuttings which will make your top/bottom look heavier than it is. LOLA Body will do the magic.

Other Recommendations: LEO Body, QUIN Body, ELLA Body, CANDI Body and REESE Body.

To learn more about how to dress for your body shape, click here.






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