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Meet Audrey (@itsaudreychow), a content creator, dancer, and model from Hong Kong. She speaks to Annibody about her career journey, her personal style, and advice on content creation.

Audrey wears LOLA Body in Mocha

Dance was a natural career path for Audrey, who’s been dancing since she was five. However as a creative, having multiple outlets of self expression is something that was important for her. So in 2023, she ventured more into content creation to explore herself further. 


Featuring LOLA Body, MOLLY Body, ERIKA Body, and ARYA Bikini

Audrey describes her personal style as “fun, diverse, sporty, and y2k-inspired”. She thinks that Annibody has great staple basics that can go really well with her statement pieces.


Audrey wears MOLLY Body in Tan

How does being a content creator, model, and dancer all at once influence your perspective on body positivity?

When I was younger, I definitely struggled with my body image a little more. Having joined the dance and modelling industry at such a young age, I used to find myself comparing my body to other bodies, my past body, and other images. 

As I grew older, I realised there’s a lot more valuable things about myself than what my body looks like. I’m just very grateful that my body allows me to move the way I want and wear the things I want- that I have a healthy body, regardless of what it looks like.


How do you stay confident and positive, especially when faced with the challenges that can come with content creation, like negative comments?

I’ve always felt that my own insecurities have come from myself rather than others. I’m not one to really care too much about what strangers online say or think about me. In fact, I think of it as an opportunity to make even more content. This definitely makes it a lot easier for me to be so online and public.

Audrey wears ERIKA Body in Black

What advice would you give to anyone who wants to get started on content creation?

I would say to just take the first step and do it. A lot of people think they need to come up with a full plan before doing anything, but I would say to just start first.

You can always re-strategize and fix up your content later. Once you gain the courage to put yourself out there, you’ve already gone through the hardest part of the journey.
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