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Learn more about our best-selling reusable nipple covers, Lily. Premium self-adhesive and reusable nipple covers (pasties) made of matte silicone with hypo-allergenic adhesive for the best, long-lasting and waterproof coverage.

Designed for Your Comfort

Made of second skin premium matte silicone for the most invisible coverage, Lilies are perfect to wear with your bodysuits, swimsuits and backless clothings. The floral shape is designed for optimal fit. The matte nature of our LILY allows natural shape and color to match your skin and body.

Why LILY is the Best?Watch this.

Compared to other brands, we designed our LILY nipple covers with your everyday comfort in mind. With a matte and velvety texture, our LILY is inspired by your natural skin tone shade with a non-reflective nature, so that there is no uneven appearance showing.

Our Customer Reviews

No matter how great the product is, we believe in real life experiences. We listen to your feedbacks. Let’s hear from #annibodylover community to learn about how LILY changed their lives!

Color Options

LILY nipple covers will be available in light and medium shades. If you are not sure about which to pick, you can always discuss with our help team for advise.

Package Includes

Each pack of LILY include with a pair of LILY Nipple Covers (at your color choice), an instruction card, and also a pair of white cloth patches which can be placed at the center of LILY for extra coverage. The patches will be useful if you are wearing extra thin/light color clothings.

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