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Putting on a bodysuit is effortless— don't get fooled by its rather unique appearance. A good bodysuit is convenient and functional, with the easy snap closures at bottom and a stretchy material, you can put on from top to bottom or vice versa. Our recommendation is to go from top to bottom concerning some bodysuits are not that wide at neckline. Regarding how to wear a bodysuit on a daily basis, we have got some outfit ideas for you!

Your Ultimate #OOTD Guide

1. Chill Weekend

Quin Bodysuit in White, @imyujia

We love a simple and chic miniskirt that looks good with any skintight bodysuits— A flattering duo that is easy to pull off and great for dates and running errands.

2. Looking Good at Work

 UNA Bodysuit in Black,  @glorialimsy

Let's spice up your office outfit with an asymmetrical neckline! Pair with a lighter color pants and refined accessories for a fashionable finishing.


 ANGEL Body in Black

Go luxurious with Angel Body, our timeless silk bodysuit that will elevate your outfit seamlessly.

3. It's Pool Time!

Leo Bodysuit in Olive@christy.choii

Instead of bringing multiple clothings to the pool, you can play off with an one-piece bodysuit that can be styled with any bottom pieces you own. Take it off and you are ready for the refreshing pool time!

4. Get Cozy

在 Instagram 查看這則貼文

. Lindsay L .(@lindzsayy)分享的貼文 張貼

REESE Bodysuit in Ivory@lindzsayy

In those warmer days, a sleek and clean long-sleeved bodysuit can elevate your curves with the right amount of warmth. No more tucking-in— it is that simple.

5. The Trending Biker Shorts

BELLA Bodysuit in White

Biker shorts are from the 80's and they are officially back. The functional outfit is workout and street-ready— our ultra-soft Bella can will definitely heat things up!

Check out more style inspirations from our #annibodylover community and don't forget to tag us if you want to be featured!

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