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This Mother’s Day we’re celebrating motherhood and the joy of rediscovering yourself through this journey. We’re joined by Emi (@emiyanoma) and Mochi to make this Mother’s Day truly special.

Featuring Emi in KAT Body in White

“To be a mother is to be born again, learn about life together. By facing myself, I am able to stop trying to be perfect and accept myself as I am”

Featuring Emi in AUDREY Dress in White

The connection between Emi and Mochi was undeniable as we worked on one of our most comfortable shoots to date. Our hearts were warmed as we watched the comfort and confidence that Emi has given to her son to be himself. We’re so thankful to have experienced such a precious moment and to have this shoot with them.

Featuring Emi in  KAT Body in White and  AUDREY Dress in White

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful mothers and thank you again to Emi and Mochi for joining us in this shoot. 

Model: @emiyanoma
Photographer: @kiuqqq
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