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Looking in the mirror, have you ever felt insecure about how your body looks? “Are my breasts different from others?” “Compared to other girls, are my breasts too small?” “Is it normal that I have dark nipple colors?”

As a body lover ambassador, Annibody is taking the initiative to show you different shapes and sizes of breasts (and most importantly we want you to love your body regardless!) Let’s find out which type of breast you belong to!

1. East West

When you have this type of breasts, your nipples point in opposite directions outward. 

2. Asymmetric

The breasts on the left hand side are called asymmetric which means one breast is larger (or smaller) than the other.

3. Side Set

There is a little-wide space between the breasts for side-set-shaped breasts.

4. Round

These type of breasts are rather circular, and equally full at the top and bottom.

5. Tear Drop

Just as you would expect, the breasts of tear drop shape are slightly less full at the top. Similar to round shape, they are both circular.

6. Bell

Breasts are slimmer at the top and fuller at the bottom. And they really look like a bell!

7. Athletic

This refers to muscular-looking and wider breasts with less lax tissue. Note that you don’t have to be an athlete to have athletic-shaped breasts.

8. Relaxed

Your breasts belong to the relaxed shaped if your breasts hang downwards and have more lax tissue.

9. Slender

For the slender shape, your breasts point downwards and are thinner but it doesn’t mean you have to wear a smaller cup size of bras.

At occasions when you are considering going bra-free, our best-selling LILY Nipple Covers will be perfectly suitable for their versatility and durability. LILY fits all breast shapes, offering you the best invisible coverage you will ever need to move and feel free. Learn more about LILY here.

All Breasts are Equal

Have you found your breast shape here? Note that we are only showing you the most commonly found types here. Don’t be frustrated if you can’t find yours here. There are countless types of breasts on Earth, and they is certainly no such thing as the “perfect” type of breasts.

Our goal should not be to standardize the meaning of “perfect” breasts, we want you to know that it doesn't matter if they are big or small; round or bell-shaped. Try to embrace our unique body. Our breasts deserve unconditional love!

And don’t forget to talk to our help team if you have any questions!

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