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Do you have a stiff neck and shoulder? Does your work involve lots of staring and gazing into computers and phones? When the pressure adds up over time, your body will be strained and that results in pain and discomfort.

To get rid of a stiff neck, follow this 5-min stretching tutorial brought to you by star yoga instructor, Coffee Lam (@yogawithcoffee) and Cosmopolitan HK. Our bodysuits are designed for flexible movements and made of the softest luxe fabric ideal for doing yoga and stretching. Take a look at the full stretching exercise video below in which Coffee Lam is wearing our RINA Body in Rose in absolute comfort.

Wearing lightweight, breathable clothing is essential to a quality training moment. Our RINA Bodysuits are available in 5 colours, perfect for your everyday yoga practice. Throw on a RINA to pair with any of your favourite yoga pants and you are good to go, not to mention how compatible it is with any shorts and pants for a day-to-night transformation.

For the detailed breakdown of the workout, click here.

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