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From gym to dance floor, bodysuits work as the key layer for you to get ready for all occasions throughout the day. The evolution of bodysuit is undoubtedly aggressive. Bodysuits nowadays can no longer be defined as athleisure or lingerie; there are simply too many types of bodysuits with various functionality. Bodysuit is no longer a trend, but an essential staple to stay in the modern world. Think denim and a white t-shirt, they are in everyone’s wardrobe. There is always a bodysuit for your needs and wants. The history of bodysuit is a modern interpretation of American classics, a progression of the dancer’s leotard since the second half of the 19th century.

The History of Bodysuit

Leotard was first worn by a French gymnast, Jules Leotard, whose name inspired the classic dance suit as “leotard”. The earlier versions of leotards were made of wool or silk, loosely fitted with a low neckline and gussets between the legs.

Leotards became popular among dancers in early 20th century when they realised the cutting of leotard can elevate their body alignment and dance movements on stages. Back then, leotard was never considered a styling item, until American fashion designer, Claire McCardell improved the design of leotard in the 1940s and made leotards more accessible. Thanks to Catwoman, who was the key character in the Batman sequel and worn a front-zipper bodysuit, the idea of a one-piece garment no longer seem far-fetched.

Bodysuit— A Symbol of Women Liberation

With French designer, Andre Courreges, bodysuits first emerged in the fashion world around the mid-‘60s.

The popularity of bodysuit was further driven by the booming textile production in the 1970s— fabrics made of nylon and spandex blend has given bodysuits a more elastic and soft texture for a comfortable wearing experience. In the 1980s, designer Azzedine Alaia and Donna Karan helped make the bodysuit a fashion item for both men and women since then.

It is Time for Bodysuit to Rise Again

Stepping into the 21st century, bodysuits started to be recognised as an undergarment or lingerie, with lace bodysuits and shaping bodywear gaining popularity in the west, the bottom design of bodysuit also varies, from thong back to cheeky cut, for better compatibility for styling.As a rare bodysuit-focused clothing brand in Asia, our products are constructed for comfort and longevity with your body and happiness in mind. Our designs explore the beauty of women curves with usage of textiles that are timeless and practical. We hope that Annibody will be your style destination for high quality bodysuits that accompany you for a lifetime.

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