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“Beauty Comes From Within” —We are back with another episode of "My Body My Story" with our two special guests, co-founders of STAGE Management @wearestagemodel, Aanchal Wadhwani and Nicola Lines to inspire and empower women through their entrepreneurial spirit and life experiences. 

Being photographers themselves, Aanchal and Nicola understand that a person has to feel comfortable about themselves and their body in order to radiate, and we should never stereotype beauty.

Catch the full episode of "My Body My Story" as we take a walk into the lives of the creatives and enjoy a fun and heart-to-heart conversation with on self love, body positivity, and a passion to transform the local creative scene!

You can know more about Aanchal and Nicola through their Instagram @therealaanchal and @nikolalines. To watch other interviews from our “My Body My Story” series, click here.

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