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Delving into the Depths of Connection

Step into a realm where connections empower and beauty flourishes, all within the realm of sports. This time, we would like to embark on a captivating journey with the inspiring minds behind Coco & The Sun Fitness Studio, Natasia and Coco. Unveil the mesmerizing beauty that emerges when kindred souls unite in pursuit of their athletic passions and self-confidence. 


How did you two meet, and what led you to become business partners? 

Natasia & Coco: We first met during a Cirque du Soleil show! Coco was one of Natasia’s first friends when she moved to Hong Kong. We loved exploring all kinds of fitness and dance classes together and quickly became workout buddies

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What have you learned about yourself and each other through your partnership? 

Natasia: As a studio owner and instructor, I love the creative aspects of my work, from curating playlists to choreographing workouts. Coco has been a reliable and dependable partner, consistently following through on tasks, big or small.

Coco: In our business partnership, it's all about compromise, mutual respect, and putting the company first. Nat is amazing with her generous and open-minded nature, effortlessly handling clients and corporate stuff with such smoothness.

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 What do you love most about being a fitness instructor? 

Natasis & Coco: As fitness instructors, it brings us immense joy to witness the positive impact we have on our students. Building personal relationships with them is a true delight. We take pride in offering unwavering support and motivation throughout their fitness journey.

If you had to use three words to describe each other, what would it be and why?

Natasia: A role model in all the roles she has in life - a mother, daughter, wife, working professional
Coco: Thoughtful, Resilience & Lay back. She is a kind-hearted lady who takes care of everyone’s feelings.

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What inspired you to start Coco and the Sun , and how did you get started?

Natasia & Coco: After exploring various classes and studios, we envisioned creating a community that was warm, accessible, and personal through our Barre and Sculpt classes. We began by renting a kids' ballet studio and teaching a small group of our closest friends. 

What do you believe sets your studio apart from other fitness studios?

Natasia & Coco: Our music-driven workouts, from Barre to Sculpt and HIIT, energize and motivate. Natasia's Sculpt blends contemporary dance, Barre, and Pilates, while Coco's innovative Barre approach ditches the traditional bar. We foster a supportive community where every student is known and welcomed.

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What's one thing that you hope your students take away from your studio?

Natasia & Coco: That working out can be fun, unintimidating, and a way to develop more self-confidence, self-love and a lifetime habits

Above: CORY Bra Top in Mocha / FRAME Biker Shorts in Mocha 

What advice would you give to individuals who are struggling with self-love and body image issues?

Natasia & Coco: Movement and sweat do wonders for self-love and body image. Explore different ways of moving to find ones you can consistently incorporate into your life. The many positive effects of exercise can spillover to all areas of your life. 

What role does self-care play in promoting self-love and body positivity? 

Natasia & Coco: Self-care is a form of self-love and can directly impact body image; if you take the time to do things for your physical, mental, emotional, social well-being, it can help you increase self-love and how you view your body.

Elevate your self-love through self-care in sports and fitness. Nurturing your physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being transforms your body and enhances performance. Embrace self-care now to unlock your true potential and radiate self-love on your fitness journey.


Embrace self-care in sports and fitness, unlocking your true potential and radiating self-love on your journey while shopping our padded basics here.

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