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 Live Life In Full Bloom

Celebrate Women's Month 2023 with Annibody and FLORISTRY by ART OF LIVING. We are proud to support female entrepreneurs and collaborate with FLORISTRY by ART OF LIVING's founder, Emily Wong, who channels her passion for floral art, meditation, and communication into healing powers. Join us in finding inner peace and joy through the gift of nature. Learn more about Emily's journey and this campaign below.

Above: IKIGAI / Paige Dress in Baby Blue 

A reason for being. Taking inspiration from the Japanese concept (生き甲斐), this bloom emphasizes the importance of kindness and self-trust to lead a life with purpose. Find your reason for being. 


Hi Emily! Please share with us a little about yourself.

Emily: Previously, I worked in Ogilvy (an advertising company) where I got experience in public relations, copywriting, and video direction for TV commercials, and social media strategy. After I launched my creative agency and worked with international clients. I often wondered how I could combine my skills in communication, learning from meditation, and my love for flowers. 

One day on a hike, I felt a sudden breeze and there was a dragonfly in front of me. In those few minutes, all points I pondered upon seemed to connect. I had the feeling that this was something I was destined to do. That's how FLORISTRY by ART OF LIVING was born. 

Above: ONE DAY / Paige Dress in Blush

This bloom is a reminder of how beautifully fragile life is. It represents the playful yet nurturing and delicate nature of femininity. One can be both or be anything.  

 Emily: Creating floral arrangements is a medium for me to talk about what I learned and continue to learn from 15 years of Vipassana meditation, through life's ups & downs. How it’s distilled and similar to the circle of our life.  

When I approach a new business idea, the way I’m wired is - “The world would be a better place IF…..” When I got started with FLORISTRY by ART OF LIVING, I felt the world would be a better place IF….women in Hong Kong would start to purchase flowers for themselves or their loved ones to brighten up their daily lives rather than just during special occasions. 

Emily: When people get flowers, I want them to pause and observe the different kinds. Their shapes, sizes, colors, and more...

Flowers have been a part of our lives since ancient times, accompanying us through milestones such as birthdays, graduations, and marriages. Science has shown that flowers can reduce stress, lift our moods, and inspire creativity. They symbolize the full spectrum of human experience, inspiring poets and authors. As Luther Burbank once said, "Flowers are sunshine, food, and medicine for the soul." Let's not limit them to special occasions - let's incorporate them into our daily lives and celebrate the little moments.


Above: Mamma Mia / PAIGE Dress in Lilac 

Unconditional love. This bloom represents purity, innocence, and the tranquility one feels when giving and receiving unconditional love. 

Emily: I like in-depth conversations with strangers in an organic way. At FLORISTRY by ART OF LIVING, we host floral jamming workshops so one can learn how to arrange a bouquet to send to her/his loved ones. I think of flowers as the most romantic gift when you DIY it yourself at our floral jamming workshops. I like being the host and speaker at our jammings because of the adrenaline rush of combining live interaction with people. We also offer tailor-made flower bouquets based on personal stories. How it works is: you can share your story and how the person you're giving the bouquet makes you feel. We then do the job of translating those emotions into flowers. 

Flowers have their own language. Yes, they speak in perfumed silences, tenderness, and passion. Nearly every flower has different meanings and associations. Get curious, observe, and explore. Give your favorite blooms their meaning.

Above: Wabi Sabi / PAIGE Dress in Sage
The Japanese concept of Wabi Sabi (侘寂), teaches us life lessons about letting go of perfection and accepting ourselves just as we are.

 Advice To Younger Women Aspiring To Pursue Entrepreneurship 

What are some tips you’d give to younger women aspiring to pursue entrepreneurship and start their own businesses?  

Emily: Being a female entrepreneur, I’ve experienced bullying, sexual harassment, and betrayal. I advise younger women to take one step at a time and rebuild the environment that suits them. Always say “Yes” when an opportunity comes up. Learn to be invincible. You need to learn how to get back up stronger when the external circumstances are not in your control at that moment. Learn whose advice to take into consideration.

The Earth laughs in flowers’ - Ralph Waldo Emerson, American Philosopher. Bring the natural world into your daily lives. Picking blooms to celebrate even little moments can become an act of self-care. Focusing on the different types of blooms, and their colors can be a form of self-therapy. Or find anything that makes you feel happy and loved. Create your own healing tools. 


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Model: @ann_er_emma wearing PAIGE Dress in Baby Blue, Blush, Lilac & Sage. Videographer: @kiuqqq, Floral Art Direction: @ememilywong, Makeup and Hair: @tszsin_intangibleimage 

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