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What Linen actually is ?

Crafted from the fibre of the flax plant, Linen is an exquisite fabric with a mysterious allure.

It possesses a remarkable strength and absorbency, along with the ability to dry quickly, making it the perfect material for hot, sultry summer days. Its unique properties imbue it with a sense of dark elegance, making it a coveted textile for fashioning striking and moody garments.

What are the benefits of Linen ?

1. Strength and durability

Linen, the strongest of all natural fibre, boasts a remarkable durability that has stood the test of time.With each wash, linen becomes even stronger, ensuring that linen clothing will last for many summers to come.

2. Eco-friendly

Compared to cotton, the production of linen requires significantly less water, giving it a lower water footprint. Almost every part of the flax plant can be utilized, and with the increasing demand for flax seeds and oils in the health food industry, there is little to no waste.

Being a natural fibre, linen is fully biodegradable, adding to its appeal as an environmentally conscious choice.

3. Breathable and highly absorbent

Linen's unique properties make it the perfect fabric for warm weather. The hollow fabrics allow for increased airflow over the body compared to other materials, while its high absorbency allows it to retain up to 20% of its dry weight in moisture without feeling damp to the touch. 

This makes linen the ideal choice for sunny days and warm getaways, helping you stay cool and dry, and avoid any embarrassing sweat patches.

4. Naturally insect repelling

Linen has natural insect-repelling properties, making it a great choice for those who want to keep their warm-weather wardrobe free of unwanted bite marks from insects like moths.

Annibody believes in sustainable fashion and timeless design, which is reflected in every piece we create.

Our previous release, Solarie, was warmly received by our customers, and we're thrilled to introduce our latest collection, the Linen Episode. Crafted from the finest linen, this collection celebrates natural luxury with minimalist maxi dresses and voluminous essentials, providing the perfect wardrobe relief for surviving the summer heat in style.

The Linen Episode captures effortless style with a touch of rustic charm that transports you to a simpler time and place.

Ready to take your linen game to the next level?
Check out our “Linen Care - The Ultimate Guide”  and keep your linen pieces looking beautiful and fresh.

Linen, never out of place.

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